Sexy blue lighting, a floor patterned after ocean waves, lamps shaped like jellyfish: yup, you’ve got an “under the sea” theme going here. But the restaurant’s masterful designer has managed to make what could have been hokey “Little Mermaid” decor look hip and trendy. The food, too, is cutting edge, putting creative spins on classic Latin fish dishes. On the raw seafood front, you’ll be cheating yourself if you don’t get one of the ceviche tasting plates (we’re big fans of the tomato mahi mahi and the tiger’s milk prawns). The orzo paella is another stand-out, as is the grilled red snapper with mofongo. Wash it all down with a pitcher of watermelon sangria, and you’ll be set. One warning though: if the fruit of the sea is not your thing, go elsewhere; Aquaviva serves few alternatives.