This hip restaurant by the Plaza del Mercado serves fresh, fantastic Puerto Rican food. It's named for the owner, one of the island's hottest your chefs. You'll pay for the experience and will have to wait for a meal, but it's worth every dime and you can wander around the open-air bars surrounding the traditional marketplace, abundant with flowers, fruits, and shiny vegetables, until the table is ready. The simple but attractive bar and dining room has high ceilings and tiled floors, a fitting home for the young chef's straightforward approach, keeping close to traditional island recipes, but wowing with the delivery. The changing daily menu is driven by the offerings at the adjacent fresh fruit and vegetable marketplace as well as what’s fresh from local fishermen. On any given day, you'll find offerings such as grilled swordfish and malanga mash in a tropical fruit chutney, beef stew with white rice and tostones, tender and tasty rib-eyes and skirt steaks, and pork in a tomato fondue. The restaurant is a 12-minute walk from the Marriott in Condado, which you can do in the daylight and the early evening, but grab a cab going home at night to avoid the remote side streets you'll have to cross on the way.