Casa Anselma ★ [find] -- If you're bored with touristy flamenco shows, seek out this little hideaway deep in the heart of Triana on the western bank of the river. The building, which is completely covered in decorative tiles called azulejos, is hard to miss. Inside it's wildly decorated with a lot of Spanish memorabilia, including bullfighting paraphernalia. The owner, Anselma, is the most celebrated flamenco performer in Sevilla, a secret the locals who flock here would like to keep to themselves. Flamenco performances are unrehearsed and spontaneous. Sometimes the joint jumps with communal singalongs or dancing with guitarists striking up their instruments. The club keeps no set hours, but it's usually packed and the action begins at midnight, Monday to Saturday. Instead of a cover, you're charged for what you have to drink. It's best reached by taxi and is 4 blocks back from Calle Betis.