Sleek, sophisticated modern dining full of fresh flavors is what's on offer at this great restaurant. It's one of the best in the historic center and, crucially, a better value for the money than some of the more upscale places nearby. Chef Diego Solis and his team, who you can watch at work in the open kitchen, turn out tasty dishes such as cod confit with cream of cabbage and bacon lardons. There's also a delicious flamenquin, a regional specialty that looks like a sausage but is actually pieces of pork loin wrapped in serrano ham, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep fried. (Or how about foie gras and sea urchin if you're after something even more unusual?) Most diners opt for the cheaper tapas menu, but you can dine more extravagantly in the bright, modern dining area at the back, with its atrium ceiling. Service is really friendly, and there's a decent wine list, too, which includes some nice regional wines.