This is typical corner bar with decorated tiled walls and huge wooden bar sits in a typical Sevillian square just behind the massive hulk of the Iglesia del Salvador. I like to sit out front in the square and watch the world go by on warm sunny days, of which there are many. The food here is several notches above the standard kind of fare you'd expect from a place like this, and the bar has won awards for several of their tapas. My favorite is deep-fried langoustine with mint alioli dip, which is utterly delicious. A nice goat's cheese salad kept my veggie wife more than happy, too. There are daily specials which are well worth sampling. Prices for what you get are reasonable—not as high as the more upmarket gastro-tapas places but a bit more than the cheap and cheerful local pub on the next corner. Service varies depending on how busy it is, so if you need to attract the waiter's attention, don't be shy about it! It's open from 8:30am—so it's also a good spot for breakfast, serving traditional Sevillian staples like toast with salty Serrano ham and tangy local olive oil.