In times gone by, it was common for shops to double as bars (or maybe it was bars doubling as shops; no one really knows). Abacerías, as these hybrids were known, were found everywhere. Now, just a handful remain in Seville, and Casa Morales is a wonderfully atmospheric and picturesque example. Founded in 1850, it consists of a corner store bar on Garcia de Vinuesa where you'll find locals sipping chilled beer and sherry and munching olives while standing at high tables. Just around the corner on Castillejo, there's an entrance to the dining area that features vast old wine vats on which menus are displayed and the continuation of that ancient wooden counter from the shop/bar at the front. The tapas here are traditional in style, but of genuinely high quality. You can choose to have them just as they come on the plate or in small sandwiches (montaditos ). I particularly like the lomo al jerez (pork loin in sherry sauce), but all the meat dishes are good.