Long one of the most elegant haute-cuisine restaurants in Sevilla, Egaña Oriza broadened its appeal in 2010 to include a tapas bar where you can still enjoy the creative cooking of Basque-born chef José Mari Egaña in a casual and less expensive format. (Most tapas are under 4€, and the tapa of the day with a beer or glass of wine is just 3.60€.) The more refined dining room is a model of white linens and crystal glassware, set inside the glassed-over courtyard of a historic mansion next to the Jardins de Murillo. Egaña has simplified his cuisine over the years, adding such dishes as a pappardelle carbonara with caviar (a first course) to Basque classics like hake with fried garlic or his wild boar stew with homemade quince compote.