How important is the location when it comes to a dining experience? GastroSol isn't somewhere I'd be particularly bothered to recommend for food, although it's quite fine. The views and the surroundings are so remarkable, though, that I just have to include it. It's located at the top of the most striking building in Seville—Metropol Parasol. The local council wanted a modern architectural statement that would put the city on the map, and this is what they got. It should have been finished in 2007 but finally opened to the public in 2011 after having run massively over budget.

A space-aged, glistening white honeycomb of criss-crossing wooden slats, supported by huge concrete towers, it rises like an alien life form above Plaza de la Encarnación. It has polarized the opinions of locals who refer to it as Las Setas ("The Mushrooms"). It will cost you three euros to take a lift up, but that's a small price to pay for the sweeping views of the building and the skyline as you wander around the swooping, head-spinning gantry walkway several stories up. And, seeing as you've spent your three euros, you might as well take advantage of the fact that you can get them reimbursed if you sample a tapas or two and a glass of wine at GastroSol. I tried eggplant stuffed with minced lamb, and shrimp pancakes in tomato sauce. Both were absolutely fine, particularly with a glass of dry white during a sunny spring lunch. And the views from my table, with the sinuous white slats of the structure giving way to the rooftops of the old city were just amazing.