Spain and vegetarians don't mix very well. If you're a veggie, you'll tire quickly of spinach and chickpeas and patatas bravas. And then what? Well, you could always try the Cuban and South American-style vegetarian dishes served up at Habanita. It's not gourmet dining by any means, but the deep-fried plantain balls with tomato sauce, veggie empanadas, and Roquefort croquettes are pretty tasty when washed down with an ice-cold beer. In fact, the choice of meat-free dishes, compared to most other places in town, will have veggies struggling to make up their minds. There are also dishes suitable for vegans and people on gluten-free diets. Meat eaters, don't fret—this place serves plenty of meat dishes. Again, those empanadas (the lamb ones!) are excellent,  and so is the chicken in coconut sauce. Staff are friendly and most speak English, and there's a handy English language menu. It's pretty small, so you're best off getting here relatively early if you want to avoid waiting. And you need to hunt a little to find it—it's down a dead-end alley off busy Perez Galdos, just behind Plaza Alfalfa.