This new gastro-tapas joint is currently the place to go with my local friends who know their food and wine. Chef Diego Caminos previously cooked up a bit of a storm at nearby Zelai. Now he has gone it alone, and, thankfully, his risotto with mushrooms and Idiazabal cheese is still on the menu. It's absolutely the best I've ever had—creamy with just a hint of bite, garnished with an asparagus spear, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The cheese is from the Basque Country, and it's made from unpasteurized sheep's milk and then smoked. Caminos uses it in several other dishes, too. It's the most zingy, sharp flavor imaginable. Other stand-out dishes for me are the pork with sweet potato and beet sauce, and tuna with tomato and toasted sesame seeds. The dishes are called "tapas," but they are pretty substantial, so at a price of around €5 each they're a better value than you might at first think. The ambience is busy and buzzy, with simple tables and chairs and the menu on a wall-mounted chalkboard. Right now it's very popular, so arrive early to make sure you get a table. When it gets busy, service is typically Sevillian—the person shouting loudest tends to get served first!