The name of this bright, busy tapas bar translates as "the crowd," and that's appropriate, as there's usually a queue of people waiting to get in, on weekend evenings in particular. Outside, it looks like a traditional Sevillian bodega (wine cellar), but the interior is bright and white with steel beams and low-hanging lights, while the kitchen is set in the round so you can see the very modern chefs doing their thing. It's a good example of the current vogue in Seville for gastro-tapas, which takes the humble bar snack to new levels of creative flair.Some would say that these days too many places have hopped on this particular bandwagon, and the proliferation of mini-hamburgers made with Kobe beef is a bit tedious. But here at LaBulla, the food is pretty special. Tempura prawns with apple and orange foam, topped with sesame seeds, anyone? (Or to put it another way, the crowd is often right.)