The cavernous pair of vaulted brick rooms here are large enough to host the festival hordes yet still leave room for die-hard locals who come for the best fixed-priced menus in town. The two more "expensive" of these are the ones to order, because they let you sample a pair of primi (the chef's surprise, but one is assured to involve truffles) and include all the incidentals, save wine. Start with a foot-long bruschetta al pomodoro with a couple of cream-stuffed veal rolls before sinking your fork into the tagliatelle tartufate (a particularly successful use of the elusive black mushroom). The secondi also tend to be very simple but good. If you don't care for the excellent frittata al tartufo (mixed meat fried with truffles), try the salsicce alle brace (charcoal-grilled Italian sausages) or the pollo arrosto (roast chicken with lemon and rosemary).