Dinner at Bartoloméo never fails to feel like a special occasion, and at these prices you'll want to make it one. Tucked between parking lots in the middle of the Guanahani resort, Barto has no sea or lagoon views, but the truly lovely interior makes up for the lack of watery vistas. Guests dine in a candlelit Creole cottage in pastel hues or on a garden deck open to a canopy of stars. The vibe is casual sophistication, but the culinary presentation is bright and playful, as in a warm "tiramisu" starter layered with egg yolk, asparagus, and truffle, or a pea gnocchetti with local crayfish (Caribbean spotted lobster). Among several tasting menus is a Chef Inspiration Menu (€75 per person) that rides the whims of the chef that day—I say put yourself in their inventive hands and have fun. The large bar in front has piano music and a serious wine list.