It may have lost a smidgen of cachet since Chef Orlando Satchell left in 2012 to open his own restaurant in Soufrière, but this is still one of the island's top gourmet experiences. Even if you don't sample the excellent dinner fare, Dasheene is a don't-miss destination for lunch or a sunset cocktail for the views alone: You are treated to an almost insanely beautiful panorama from the restaurant's alfresco terrace a thousand feet above Jalousie Bay, with nothing between you and the sparkling waters below but St. Lucian air. But we suggest you go the full monty here; Chef Nigel Mitchel is making a name for himself with a locavore-leaning farm-to-table menu that more often than not is hitting the high notes (to match the setting). Sip a passionfruit martini and dine on cocoa-rubbed lamb, jerk chicken, sweet potato soup, and plantain gratin drizzled in a coconut rum sauce. Reservations are recommended.