Travelers in the know (and those who watch the chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain as he chases his appetite around the globe) are already clued in to Hilma's. Even by shack standards, Hilma's is rudimentary. It's basically a small trailer with an awning and four stools. Hilma's specialty is johnnycakes—thick cornmeal pancakes cooked on a griddle or grill—filled with all sorts of delicious ingredients, such as ham, eggs, cheese, or whatever strikes the fancy of the chef that day. The star? The saltfish johnnycake, served with spicy peppers and onions ($2). Add a dash of hot sauce and a cold Carib beer for real local cred. It's right on Simpson Bay's main thoroughfare, Airport Road, and you should get there on the early side; the food may run out before Hilma closes up shop at 3:30pm.