One of Grand Case's most popular restaurants, Le Bistro Caraïbes has been a labor of love for brothers Thibault and Amaury Mezière for nearly 25 years. The specialty of the house, fresh lobster, is drawn from the water fountain out front. Fish figures large on the menu, from the lobster (grilled, thermidor, or in cooked in garlic butter) to the braised red snapper in a creamy mussel sauce or the fisherman's platter in a bouillabaisse-style lobster sauce. Meat dishes include a chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, roasted duck breast, and veal scallopini gratinéed with bleu cheese. It's all done with aplomb, and the staff is engaging and attentive. The restaurant is not on the water (it's across the street), but the dining room, with its creamy linens and russet tile floors, feels cheerful and inviting. Reservations recommended.