In 2013, celebrated owner/chef Dino Jagtiani closed his chophouse, Rare, and merged the best of its menu—a sturdy, straightforward continental lineup of grilled meats and fish—with that of his other restaurant, Temptation, much-loved for its soaringly creative Asian fusion dishes. (Rare will be relaunched in the near future, with a new cuisine and menu focus.) In the process, many of Temptation's giddiest concoctions (Quack Quack Chow Mein, say, or seared foie gras PB&J) have fallen off the menu, but the chef's native creativity has not been tamped down. So Jagtiani's paella comes not only with mussels, shrimp, and clams but cognac-infused lobster and merguez sausage. A grilled branzino arrives with a piquant pesto sauce, ratatouille, and saffron orzo. The Temptation onion soup is richly fortified with Heineken and Hennessy, and the house-made spinach-cheese ravioli comes with a fricassee of herb-scented mushrooms. It's pricey but top-quality food, overseen by one of the island’s most gifted chefs. Reservations are recommended.