St. Vincent is undeveloped when compared to neighboring St. Lucia, and it's not as lush as Grenada and Dominica, but it has its own beauty. It has only enough attractions to absorb a day or two of your time, but the offshore islands of the Grenadines are the best sailing waters in the Caribbean, even topping the British Virgin Islands -- the yachting crowd seems to view St. Vincent merely as a launching pad for the 65km (40-mile) string of the Grenadines.

Beaches -- Swimmers and snorkelers will find plenty action on Indian Bay Beach, a rocky, golden expanse of sand and reef-protected tranquil waters. Hang with the beautiful people on Macaroni Beach, Mustique's favorite haven of turquoise water and pure white sand.

Things To Do -- Immerse yourself in such tropical exotics as teak, almond, cinnamon, nutmeg, cannonball, and mahogany trees at the Botanic Gardens. Panoramic views unfold in all directions along Leeward Highway.

Eating & Drinking -- You'll find West Indian cuisine and fresh seafood throughout St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Dine on lobster salad at the famous Basil's Bar & Restaurant or lobster crepes on a waterfront terrace.

Nature -- Journey through Marriqua Valley, one of the lushest valleys of the Caribbean, where you'll pass by winding rivers, deep forests, terraced farms, freshwater streams, and boys on donkeys.