The most popular day trips from Wrocaw include the massive Ksiaz (pronounced kshawnzh) Castle, near Wabrzych, about 75km (47 miles) southwest of Wrocaw, and the two remarkable 17th-century wooden "Peace" churches at Swidnica (pronounced shveed'-neet-sah; 60km/37 miles from Wrocaw) and Jawor (pronounced yah'-vor; 80km/50 miles from Wrocaw). If you have your own wheels, it's easy to combine the three sites in one day, setting off first for Swidnica from Wrocaw, then continuing on to Wabrzych and Ksiaz, and then heading north to Jawor before looping back to Wrocaw. It's also possible, but slower, to go by public transportation, taking the bus or train to Wabrzych, then the bus to Swidnica, and then continuing by bus or train to Jawor. Alternatively, several Wrocaw tour operators offer day bus trips with guides. If you've got a couple of days, Ksiaz Castle has several beautiful hotels near it and is a great overnight choice. Swidnica is also worth an extra day and has at least two decent hotels. Jawor is smaller, but it's possible to put in there for the night, too.