Because of the (formerly) high cost of liquor licenses, nightlife in Sydney often comes in fives and sixes. By which I mean, an entrepreneur will take over an entire building and fill each floor with a different sorts of nightlife experiences, thus amortizing the original cost of the license (which has gone down just in the last two years). Hence The Ivy complex, the ultra-luxe creation of nightlife magnate Justin Hemmes, who also owns the Establishment just a few blocks away. If you're under-40 and making a good living, this is the place to be seen...though on what level is the question. Will you don a bathing suit and do the Vegas-esque outdoor pool party on the third floor or play pool in the back of the ground-level Royal George, a faux "ye olde pub"? Also on site are chi chi restaurants, wine bars, Asian–themed rooms and sweaty dens where people dance the night away. It's all quite chi chi and, usually, quite fun.