At the mic is a trio singing the most obscure Irish ditty you've ever heard, yet all around the massive wood bar—ts interior studded with over 30 taps for different types of beer (and ale and cider)—patrons are loudly singing along, some waiving their beer mugs in time to the music. It's been this way since 1915, at what is claimed to be the oldest Irish bar in Sydney. It that turns out to be blarney, well, what does it matter? This remains the most convivial Irish bar in the city. People of all ages come here, from 20-somethings on dates, to grannies who enjoy a pint on a Sunday afternoon. They sit in one of the sprawling, tin-ceilinged rooms, laughing, singing and bringing real craic (good conversation) to the Sydney social scene.

-Pauline Frommer