"Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe" seems to be the theme at this bohemian local cafe; the decor consists of dozens of murals (on the walls, tables, you name it) and box shelves holding curios and bric-a-brac of all sorts. A rearing porcelain horse is sided by a giant dried piece of driftwood, which is next to a papier mache abstract bit of art.The food, too, has a "kitchen sink" quality to it, but in this case more is more. Each plate holds half a dozen ingredients, but they all mess together in delightful fashion. Some favorites include the corn and dill pikelets (basically pancakes) with salmon, poached eggs and a very dilled creme friache sauce (can't have too much dill!); the vegetarian plate, which holds fresh avocado, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, haloumi, spinach, toast, eggs and hashbrowns; and pistachio and quinoa granola with vanilla yogurt and roasted rhubarb, strawberry and watermelon mint salad and croissant. Whew! Prices are high, but the portions are large, so don't feel shy about sharing. That's what most of the fashinoably slim, trendy crowd here seems to do.

Note: Tigerbakers also serves lunch, but breakfast is really the thing to get here.

-Pauline Frommer