Luxembourg's vineyard and winery region is set in a landscape that's quite different from that of the Ardennes. A tour of the area will take you along the flat banks of the broad Moselle (Musel) River, with a gentle slope of low hills rising on both sides -- the east bank is in Germany, where the river is known as the Mosel. For miles, these slopes are covered with vineyards. The riverbanks themselves are alive with campers, boaters, and anglers. Several wineries open their doors to visitors: They take you on a guided tour, explain how their still or sparkling wine is made, and top off your visit with a glass of what comes out of their vats.

To explore the Moselle Valley, begin at Echternach, and follow the well-marked Route du Vin (Wine Route) south through Wasserbillig, Grevenmacher, Machtum, Wormeldange, Ehnen, Remich, and Wellenstein. Do this as an easy day trip from Luxembourg City. Should you find yourself beguiled by this peaceful part of the country, there are plenty of accommodations along the route, and excellent small local restaurants.