Tobago is 30km (19 miles) northeast of Trinidad, and the two islands are connected by frequent flights. Long known as a honeymooner's paradise, Tobago's idyllic natural beauty makes it one of the greatest escapes in the Caribbean. It has forests of breadfruit, mango, cocoa, and citrus through which a chartreuse-colored iguana will suddenly dart. It's for those who like a generous dose of sand, sun, and solitude in a mellow atmosphere. Snorkelers especially will find plenty to entertain them.

Unlike bustling Trinidad, Tobago is sleepy, and Trinidadians come here, especially on weekends, to enjoy the wide, sandy beaches. The legendary home of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, Tobago is only 43km (27 miles) long and 12km (7 1/2 miles) wide. The people are hospitable, and their tiny villages seem to blend in with the landscape.

The island's villagelike capital and main port, Scarborough, lies on the southern coast. Surrounded by mountains, its bay provides a scenic setting, but the town itself is rather plain. Most of the shops are clustered in streets around the local market.