Old Toledo and new Spain come together in this establishment that even has separate rooms for its split personality. It’s in a medieval building on a very narrow street almost in the geographic center of Toledo. The tavern side, one of the favorite watering holes for Toledo professionals, can get a bit rowdy on weekends, but it offers one of the best cheap breakfasts in the mornings and a menu del día (2 courses, dessert, and choice of drink) for a song (11€). Starters could include a salad of tuna and white asparagus or mixed cheeses and dried fruits with honey vinaigrette. For a main course, choose the deer tacos with mushroom salsa. Prices go up and table settings get more elegant on the restaurant side, where you might find a grilled fish with green pepper sauce or rounds of venison filet mignon with quince and Parmagiano cheese on the 19€ menu. All dishes can also be ordered a la carte.