The Clubhouse boasts a beautiful setting, up in the treetops in a round stone-and-wood aerie with wood-beamed ceilings and open-air views of the blue Caribbean. But we’d say the elegant food, overseen by Chef Paul Mason) is equal to the setting, as is the convivial atmosphere—the place feels lit from within. The service is warm as well, with a small staff that cheerfully juggles a range of responsibilities. They might direct you to the grilled shrimp and black bean gateau, served with spicy mango salsa, to start. In a nod to French country cooking, Chef prepares a fine slow-roasted organic chicken Grandmère, but then goes native with a gussied-up Caribbean lobster in saffron broth, fennel, and garlic. The island’s most popular Sunday brunch is served here from 11am to 2pm ($27 three-course prix-fixe), with a menu that may include Belgian waffles with strawberry compote, a Boston beer bagel with house-made smoked salmon spread, and a Caribbean broiled steak marinated with Bajan herbs and served with Bernaise sauce.