Helmed by local cooks from all over the TCI, the outdoor Thursday-night fish fry has become Provo's hottest weekly event. Look for barbecued ribs and chicken, fish (grilled, fried, jerk, curry), grilled lobster in season (Aug–Apr), and sides like rice and peas. The beer is cold, and live bands (junkanoo, rake 'n' scrape, ripsaw) get the party moving—but if you've got kids in tow, know that the volume is turned up to 11. It's a scene, my friends, so for an optimal good time, follow these suggestions: 1) You may (naturally) think the longest lines mean the best food. Nope -- a long line generally means the food is just cheaper. As our savvy taxi driver said, "Don't get in the longest line!"; 2) Waiting in long lines also means that by the time you get to order, the good stuff has run out; and 3) Unless you are there specifically to drink and dance, take your food and grab a seat at one of the picnic tables along the beach, where it's quieter, breezier, and less crowded. Next door to the Wymara resort.