It's little more than a treehouse hanging over the sand, but this sunny, welcoming Duke Street beach bar/restaurant is a beloved hang of locals and visitors alike. The Sandbar is owned and run by two radiant and convivial Canadian sisters who also own the Manta House ★, a spiffy three-suite B&B across the street that's popular with visiting divers (weekly rates: winter $1,500 Jungle Bungalow, $1,500 North Bungalow, $1,700 Middle Bungalow; off season $995 Jungle Bungalow, $1,300 North Bungalow, $1,500 Middle Bungalow; dive packages $75 per person per day). Sandbar is both watering hole and dining destination—don't be surprised to see the capital's movers and shakers tucking into a Sandbar burger or the shrimp and avocado salad. That's because the food at Sandbar is remarkably fresh and tasty, including island favorites like cracked conch and curry chicken.