Lose the crowds as you make a pilgrimage to the parish church of Paolo Veronese, home to some of his finest work. Veronese painted the coffered nave ceiling with the florid “Scenes from the Life of St. Esther.” In the 1560s he also decorated the organ shutters and panels in the chancel with scenes from the life of St. Sebastian. Although Veronese is the main event here, don’t miss Titian’s sensitive “St. Nicholas” (just inside the church on the right). Veronese’s sepulchral monument (with bust by Mattia Carneri) is to the left of the altar. The real highlight is the sacristy (go through the door under the organ), a tiny jewel box of a room adorned with more wonderful Veronese paintings of the “Coronation of the Virgin” and the “Four Evangelists.”