Best Restaurants in Venice

Eating cheaply in Venice is not easy, though it’s by no means impossible. The city’s reputation for mass-produced menus, bad service, and wildly overpriced food is, sadly, well-warranted, and if you’ve been traveling in other parts of the country, you...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Price Name Cuisine Neighborhood
Icon_dollar3 A Beccafico Sicilian Near Piazza San Marco
Icon_dollar3 Ai Artisti Venetian In Dorsoduro
Icon_dollar3 Ai Cugnai Venetian In Dorsoduro
Icon_dollar2 Al Bacco Felice Italian In Santa Croce
Icon_dollar3 Al Covo Seafood Castello
Icon_dollar2 Al Vecio Canton Italian/Pizza Castello-Riva Degli Schiavoni
Icon_dollar3 Alle Corone Venetian Castello
Icon_dollar2 Antico Forno Pizza Dorsoduro
Icon_dollar3 Antico Martini Contemporary Italian/Venetian Near Piazza San Marco
Icon_dollar1 Bacareto Da Lele Venetian Santa Croce
Icon_dollar3 Bacaromi Italian/Venetian On Isola Della Giudecca
Icon_dollar1 Cantina Arnaldi Venetian Santa Croce
Icon_dollar3 Corte Sconta Seafood/Venetian Castello-Riva Degli Schiavoni
Icon_dollar3 Da Fiore Trattoria/Venetian Near Piazza San Marco
Icon_dollar3 Da Rioba Seafood/Venetian In Cannaregio
Icon_dollar2 Da Sandro Italian/Pizzeria In San Polo
Icon_dollar1 Do Mori Wine Bar/Venetian In San Polo
Icon_dollar2 Do Spade Venetian In San Polo
Icon_dollar3 Gritti Terrace Italian Santa Croce
Icon_dollar1 La Bottiglia Venetian San Polo
Icon_dollar3 La Palanca Venetian La Giudecca
Icon_dollar3 Le Bistrot de Venise Venetian Near Piazza San Marco
Icon_dollar3 Locanda Montin Venetian In Dorsoduro
Icon_dollar3 L’Orto dei Mori Venetian Cannaregio
Icon_dollar1 Osteria Al Squero Cafe/Wine Bar Dorsoduro
Icon_dollar2 Osteria La Zucca Vegetarian Friendly/Italian Santa Croce
Icon_dollar2 Rosticceria San Bartolomeo Deli/Venetian Near Piazza San Marco
Icon_dollar2 San Trovaso Italian/Venetian In Dorsoduro
Icon_dollar2 Trattoria al Gatto Nero Seafood Burano
Icon_dollar2 Trattoria da Romano Seafood Burano
Icon_dollar2 Versus Meridianem Pizza Murano