Since it opened in 1918, the Technical Museum has been dedicated to advances in the fields of science and technology. Today, more than ever there are plenty of hands-on gadgets for conducting experiments, but the displays from the past are even more fascinating. A Mercedes Silver Arrow from 1950, a Model-T Ford from 1923, a 150-year-old steam engine, and thousands of everyday objects remind visitors of how far we've come and what steps it took to get us here. Anything imaginable and much that has been forgotten is on display—barrel washing machines, a giant dictaphone from the 1920s, phonographs, typewriters, and more. The permanent exhibitions are complemented by temporary shows, and overall it's a fun museum for anyone, but of course visitors with an engineering mind will adore it. Kids will be thrilled at the Das Mini section with loads of toys and activities specifically aimed at two- to six-year-olds.