200km (124 miles) NW of London; 42km (26 miles) SW of Birmingham; 98km (61 miles) N of Bristol

The River Severn flows through the heart of Worcester, a world-famous porcelain center. Most of the world today knows of the town for lending its name to the famous tangy sauce found in millions of households.

Between the two cathedral cities of Hereford and Worcester, the ridge of the Malverns rises from the Severn Plain. To sample the lush river scenery of the River Wye Valley, in which Worcester lies, you might want to head for the Malverns , a more scenic and beautiful center than Worcester itself. Nonetheless, there is a bevy of sights in Worcester to occupy your time if you have some to spare. You can usually "do" the attractions of Worcester in a full morning or an afternoon. The bridge over the Severn offers the best view of the 900-year-old Worcester Cathedral, with its 60m-high (200-ft) tower.