Zamora is famous for its rice dish, arroz al la zamoraña, and the kitchen at Serafín makes the best version in town. Staff sometimes have trouble explaining the dish to non-Spanish speakers, so you should know that in addition to the minced bits of pig’s trotters and pig’s ears that characterize the dish, it is redolent with sweet paprika and a combination of sautéed onion and cubed turnip. The restaurant is an unusual hybrid—combining a skillful execution of the roast meat dishes of Castilla y León (accompanied by hearty reds from D.O. Toro) and simple presentations of superb fish and shellfish from the Cantabrian coast on the Bay of Biscay. (With the fish, you drink Rueda whites from about 40 miles east.) Local fish include trout from the mountains north of Zamora, frog legs (an amphibian, but treated as fish on the menu), and sweet river crab.