Hawaii Basics

Maui may be the only major tourist destination in the world where the number of vacation condo beds far outnumbers hotel beds. According to government stats, there are 7033 hotel units (ie rooms) on the island and 7,071 condo units. But since many of these condos contain two and three bedrooms, it's clear that today, the majority of visitors coming to Maui are ditching hotels in favor of places where they can spread out and cook their own meals (a big savings as restaurant food in the Hawaiian islands tends to be pricier than on the mainland, since so much food has to be imported).

While hotels still capture the majority of visitors on Oahu, the Big Island and Kauai, condos remain a major presence on those islands, as well.

And that's great news for the visitor, because it means that those wishing to rent their own digs have an unusually large number of choices. Look for what suits you best, and most likely, Ye shall find!