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Earth May Be a Mess, but These Pics from Space Are Stunning | Frommer's NASA

Earth May Be a Mess, but These Pics from Space Are Stunning

You can always depend on the NASA image library to put things in perspective.

As crazy as things get here on planet Earth, our blue-and-green marble is liable to appear poignantly peaceful amid the immensity of space. 

The folks aboard the International Space Station get that edifying view around the clock. Among the thousands of photographs those men and women captured in 2020, the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit at NASA’s Johnson Space Center selected the 20 best and compiled the images in a truly awe-inspiring video collage posted to YouTube. 

Among the sights you'll glimpse during the globe-spanning 3-minute clip: the turquoise waters of the Caribbean (pictured at top); fall foliage near Ottawa, Canada; wind farms on the Hawaiian island of Maui; the Great Lakes in winter; swirling clouds above the Sahara Desert; a glittering Paris at night; and a spectacular sunrise over southern Australia

(Paris at night; image by NASA)

It's impossible to look at these pictures and not feel wonder or at least an urge to listen to Bette Midler sing "From a Distance" on repeat.

(Sunrise over southern Australia; image by NASA)

To view the images at your own pace, visit NASA's Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth