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Interactive Tool for Tracking Travel Restrictions Around the World | Frommer's Paopano / Shutterstock

Interactive Tool for Tracking Travel Restrictions Around the World

A handy online tool for tracking travel restrictions across the globe has been unveiled by the Montréal-based International Air Transport Association (IATA), a trade group representing the world's airlines. 

In the Travel Centre section of the IATA website, you'll find an interactive, color-coded map of the world that shows at a glance which countries currently have "totally restrictive" border policies (meaning arrivals from international tourists are completely suspended), which ones are "partially restrictive" (only certain nationalities may enter or other conditions are in place), and which ones have no travel regulations related to Covid-19. 

Click the country you're interested in to see more detailed, up-to-date info about each border policy. The countries aren't labeled, so we hope you've boned up on your geography.

Click here to interact with the IATA's map. 

There's also an online tool that performs a similar service for American locations. Click here to find the interactive map of U.S. state rules.

For further details about border reopenings and safety protocols at travel destinations around the world, visit our own country-by-country roundups of plans from Europe and the Caribbean