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Ja, Tulips Are Still Blooming in the Netherlands! See For Yourself | Frommer's Gaspar Janos / Shutterstock

Ja, Tulips Are Still Blooming in the Netherlands! See For Yourself

For the first time in 71 years, Holland's Keukenhof, the famed garden southwest of Amsterdam, is closed for tulip season. 

During ordinary springs, the garden's elaborate, kaleidoscopic displays make it a locus of tulip mania, with multitudes of colorful bulbs rivaled in number only by the multitudes of tourists. 

Although visitors can't see Keukenhof in person this year, gardeners planted and tended to 7 million tulips anyway. Some spectacles can't be postponed to autumn. 

Earlier this week, Keukenhof shared an 8.5-minute video walk-through of this year's flower crop. Watch the peaceful yet eye-popping clip below to pay the garden a virtual visit.   

Another way to experience Keukenhof in 2020 is through the work of photographer Albert Dros. The Dutch native was given exclusive access to the place so he could capture images of it without people.

The resulting photo series showcases not only the dazzling beauty of the blooms but also how well they harmonize with the layout of the garden—something you might have missed if you were elbow-to-elbow with hordes of tourists.

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A post shared by Albert Dros (@albertdrosphotography) on Apr 27, 2020 at 11:24am PDT

Of his time alone at Keukenhof, Dros told the Daily Mail, "It was really surreal. I occasionally walked around without taking any pictures. Just hearing the sound of the birds and the water was so relaxing. And the smell was just amazing. It was total zen. Taking away the crowds really gave this a next-level experience."

Catch some of that zen secondhand by checking out the photographer's website and Instagram feed.