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Looking for Cheaper Flights This Fall? Go West! | Frommer's f11photo / Shutterstock

Looking for Cheaper Flights This Fall? Go West!

The price of airline tickets is expected to drop significantly this autumn, as Frommer's previously reported.

The latest data from Hopper, the travel booking app that tracks airfare changes, suggests that round-trip domestic airfare in September and October will cost an average of $238, down $142 from the summer high. 

International flights will cost less, too, but they'll still be 17% higher than in 2019. The average for round-trip international airfares will be $754, according to Hopper. That's $179 cheaper than prices this summer. 

The research shows that the biggest domestic price drops this fall are for flights to the western U.S. Of the 10 places expected to see the most dramatic decreases, every last one is located west of the country's midpoint.

Each location has enticements for travelers, starting with the city in the top spot, San Diego (whose Waterfront Park is pictured above). That Southern California destination is one of three U.S. cities on the list where autumn airfare will be more than $200 lower than the summer peak. The others are Portland, Oregon, and Salt Lake City. 

Here's the full top 10 of domestic destinations getting the biggest price drops in airfare this autumn, per Hopper:

1. San Diego: $252 round-trip, down $230
2. Portland, Oregon: $314 round-trip, down $218
3. Salt Lake City: $242 round-trip, down $201
4. Seattle: $301 round-trip, down $191
5. Los Angeles: $246 round-trip, down $189
6. Anchorage, Alaska: $428 round-trip, down $183
7. Colorado Springs, Colorado: $323 round-trip, down $177
8. Denver: $203 round-trip, down $154
9. Big Island, Hawaii: $484 round-trip, down $154
10. Phoenix: $254 round-trip, down $153

Internationally, Hopper says the biggest price drops are for flights to the Caribbean nation of Grenada ($483 round-trip, down $460), followed by Oslo, Norway ($611 round-trip, down $268), and Helsinki ($635 round-trip, down $327).

To get the lowest airfare no matter where you're headed, Hopper recommends booking your flights early—at least 3 weeks in advance for domestic trips and at least a month ahead of international travel. 

You'll also save more if you depart in the middle of the week. Hopper's data has found that booking flights for Tuesday or Wednesday can save you at least $35 per ticket.  

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