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The Best View in Dublin Just Got Better (And You Get Free Beer) | Frommer's The Guinness Storehouse

The Best View in Dublin Just Got Better (And You Get Free Beer)

The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin's seven-story shrine to its beloved dry stout, has just unveiled the results of a €20-million ($23 million) renovation of the Gravity Bar on the building's top floor.

Since opening in 2000, the bar has been a hit with visitors thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows offering far-reaching city views from a height of over 150 feet. Also helping the bar's popularity: Every adult who pays admission to the storehouse gets a pint of Guinness to savor along with the view.

And now there's even more view to savor. In addition to getting a style update—with new furnishings, a teal-accented color scheme, and murals from local street artist Aches—the Gravity Bar has been expanded to nearly 8,000 square feet. That's more than double the original size. You can now see Phoenix Park to the west and more of the mountains south of the city.

(Image courtesy of the Guinness Storehouse)

The space has been rearranged in a figure-eight design to improve crowd flow—a welcome development since the previous iteration sometimes felt cramped and overstuffed with tourists.

Last year the Guinness Storehouse received over 1.7 million visitors, more than any other attraction in all of Ireland.

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