If you consider yourself a foodie and have plans for one big splurge in Barcelona, Lasarte might be your best bet. It’s the elegant Barcelona outpost of much-decorated Basque chef Martín Berasategui, and since 2009 has held two Michelin stars of its own. Berasategui is known for his innovations, but also for mentoring young chefs, so chef de cuisine Paolo Casagrande interprets the classics of the master and adds dishes of his own. This is world-class dining, and it doesn’t come cheap. Many dishes are no more than four bites, which translates to more than 10€ per bite. But they are dishes that will form part of your sensory memory bank, the plates against which you will measure all others. Red prawns, for example, come into the restaurant live from the boat. The kitchen prepares them in a sea urchin flan topped with a sheep’s milk “caviar” (thanks to the miracles of spherification) and sends them to the dining room on a wet black slate to evoke the dark ocean where they swam only hours before. Tuna belly might be flash-grilled over charcoal and served with mango and capers in soy sauce and a tiny bowl of raw celery minestrone for an orgy of sweet, salt, and umami. If this is all just too breathtaking (especially the price), consider the more casual Loidi or Fonda España.