ATMs -- There are plenty of ATMs for withdrawing cash 24/7. Maestro, Cirrus, and Visa cards are widely accepted, but be aware that your bank usually charge a hefty fee for withdrawals from a foreign bank.

Business Hours -- Most banks are open Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm. Most other businesses and stores are open Monday through Friday 9 or 10am to 6 or 6:30pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm. Some stores are open late on Thursday (usually 8:30pm).

Dentists -- If you need a dentist, ask your hotel concierge. For a dental emergency, call tel. 030/89004333.

Doctors & Hospitals -- You’ll find a list of Berlin hospitals and English-speaking doctors at You can also locate an English-speaking doctor by calling tel. 01804/22552362. In case of a medical emergency, call tel. 030/310031. To summon an ambulance, dial tel. 112.

Emergencies -- To call the police, dial tel. 110. To summon an ambulance, dial tel. 112.

Internet Access -- Nearly all hotels and hostels offer Wi-Fi, often (but not always) free. Many bars and cafes also offer Wi-Fi (sometimes, as at Starbucks, free to customers). The Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz is a free Wi-Fi hotspot. For a list of other free hotspots, visit

Police -- The national police emergency number is tel. 110. For local police, dial tel. 030/46644664.

Newspapers & Magazines -- Newsstands carry “Zitty” and “Berlin-Programm,” both of which list current events taking place around the city. You can also check online at

Pharmacy -- Pharmacies (Apotheken) operate during normal business hours and post details of the nearest 24-hour pharmacy on their front door. At least one per district stays open all night. Central pharmacies include Pluspunkt Apotheke, Friedrichstrasse 60 (tel. 030/20-16-61-73), and Apotheke Berlin Hauptbahnhof (tel. 030/20-61-41-90). The website lists pharmacies by district.

Post Office -- You’ll find post offices scattered throughout Berlin, with large branches at Bahnhof Zoo and Hauptbahnhof (main train station). Most post offices are open Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Safety -- Berlin is generally a safe city, but use common sense when you’re out and about. Keep an eye on your valuables in crowded places and public transportation and don’t walk alone at night, in parks and on dimly lit streets. If you’re driving, park your car in a secure lot or garage.

Telephones -- To make a local call, dial 030 (the three-digit city prefix in Berlin) followed by the number.

Toilets -- Clean public toilets are found throughout Berlin and at all train stations. In most of them you need a .50€ or 1€ coin to get through the turnstile or to unlock the stall door. It’s customary to tip attendants .50€.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.