Brač is both a windsurfer’s paradise and one of Croatia’s least-developed populated islands. It’s famous as the source of the stone that built Diocletian’s Palace on the mainland and the White House in Washington, D.C. Brač also has a reputation as the source of high-quality Bolski Plavac red wine and delicious locally raised lamb. This rugged land mass, about 1 hr.’s ferry ride from Split, is the third-largest island off Croatia (Krk is the biggest, followed by Cres). Despite its size, Brač is really just a two-town island. That’s because only Supetar on Brač’s northern shore and Bol on the southern shore are frequently visited by the tourists who come for the island’s Mediterranean climate and unspoiled countryside. Bol is also home to Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), Croatia’s most famous beach. Tourism currently supplies most of Brač’s revenue.