Biking -- I have gone around and around with Gabor at one of the bike rental places about the safety of biking in Budapest due to crazed drivers and erratic-moving traffic. Later in the day he had me convinced I was wrong, I witnessed a man on a bike get hit by a car; obviously the car driver's fault. With that said, ride at your own risk.

Golf -- You will not find much for the golfer in the city, which means you are in for a drive if you want to practice your drives. For information, contact the Hungarian Golf Club, V. Bécsi út 5 (tel. 1/317-6025; The nearest course is located on Szentendre Island, 25 minutes north of Budapest by car. Call the course directly at tel. 26/392-465. For putting practice, the 19th Hole Golf Driving Range is located at II. Adyliget, Feketefej u. 6 (tel. 1/354-1720) or e-mail them at Two golf stores have opened in Budapest, one on each side of the river. On the Pest side is Golf Centrum at VI. Nagymezo u. 52 (tel. 1/354-1510); or on the Buda side, Swing at II. Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 121, floor I, no. 43 (tel. 1/275-0855).

Horseback Riding -- Riding remains a popular activity in Hungary, land of the widely feared Magyar horsemen of a bygone era. A good place to mount up is the Petneházy Lovasiskola (Riding School), at II. Feketefej u. 2 (tel. 1/397-1208). Far, far out in the Buda Hills, the school is located in open country, with trails in the hills. Open riding with a guide is 3,500 Ft for 25 minutes. There are also pony rides for children at 2,500 Ft for 15 minutes, and the 30-minute horse-cart rides for 10 people is 25,000 Ft. The stable is open year-round, but only on Sunday from noon to 5pm. They will open Tuesday to Saturday, by appointment. Due to changes in transportation routes, it is not easy to reach via public transport.

The Hungarian Equestrian Tourism Association, located at IX. Ráday u. 8 (tel. 1/455-6183; fax 1/456-0445;, may be of interest to you if you are interested in horses or horseback riding. It seems all inquiries lead back to this office. Note, when this website opens, it shows a link in English, but changes to Hungarian instantly. Unless you are good at video games, you may have a problem.

Ice Skating -- Ice rinks in Budapest are very kid-friendly. The oldest, most popular, and largest in Europe is the ice rink in Városliget, on the lake next to Vajdahunyad Castle. Being an open-air facility, it is open only from mid-November till the middle of February. Hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm. The fee is 500 Ft on Monday, 700 Ft Tuesday to Thursday, and 1,000 Ft Friday to Sunday. Skates rent for 800 Ft an hour. International visitors should also have their passports for ID when renting. Adults and children can rent in-line and ice skates at all rinks.

Squash -- City Squash and Fitness Courts (Országos Fallabda Központ), at II. Marczibányi tér 13 (tel. 1/325-0082), has four courts, which are an easy walk from Moszkva tér (Red metro line). The hourly rates vary during the day: 7am to 9am and 3pm to 5pm, 3,000 Ft; 9am to 3pm, 2,200 Ft; and 5pm to 10pm, 4,200 Ft for 1 hour of play. Racquets can be rented for 500 Ft; balls can be purchased. The courts are open weekdays 7am to midnight, weekends 8am to 10pm.

Tennis -- If you plan to play tennis in Budapest, you have to travel a bit for the courts. Római Tennis Academy at III. Királyok útja 105 (tel. 1/240-8616) is open Monday to Friday with variable rates 7am to 11am 2,100 Ft; 11am to 4pm 1,600 Ft; 4pm to 8pm 3,000 Ft. On weekends, 7am to 1pm is 2,100 Ft and 1pm to 7 pm is 2,800 Ft. Rackets are rented for 500 Ft. Another is Városmajor Tennis Academy at XII Városmajor u. 63-69 (tel. 1/202-5337). Open weekdays 7am to 10pm, weekends 8am to 7pm with fees running from 3,700 Ft to 5,400 Ft. Many luxury hotels, particularly those out of the city center, have tennis courts that non-guests can rent.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.