Opened in 1866, the zoo houses animals in some beautiful Art Nouveau- and national-style buildings designed by the best Hungarian architects of the time. It is located near the circus and the amusement park on City Park's famous Animal Garden Boulevard, a favorite spot for Hungarians for 140 years. The entrance is striking with two huge stone elephants flanking the gate. Parts of the zoo have been modernized several times attempting to create a contemporary and humane environment for their 2,000 animal residents. A polar bear exhibit has been built to show the frolicking of the bears when they are in the water or lazing on the ice. The elephant house has also been restructured giving the animals more space. It boasts the world's first test-tube rhino baby and triplet leopards. Two renovated greenhouses, the largest of their kind in central Europe, contain spectacular tropical plants. During the summer, the zoo hosts special concerts.