For me, walking around the city is the perfect way to see things that I may otherwise miss, but I like doing it at my own pace, spending a bit more time in one place and less in another. This is why I was thrilled to find a tour where I can go at my own pace and only stop at sites that are of interest to me. What you do is rent a lightweight audio-player with a city guide full of thumbnail pictures and maps, and one larger map. Both maps have 90 numbered points of interest on them to correspond with the audio-player's 18 hours of entertaining descriptions. There are suggested routes, but everything is self-determined. At many points of interest, you can listen to a short lively description, but if it appeals to you, there are sub-menus for more information. In the back of the book, restaurant suggestions are offered along different routes as well as shopping stops, so it is a comprehensive package. The exceptional information and voice quality will hold the attention of the biggest space cadet. Short on time, but want to know more? I have been known to sit at home while listening to the audio-player and flipping through the pictures in the book. There is nothing boring about this tour. Rentals are available at some hotel receptions or partner offices listed on their website. Buda Castle or Inner City guides are 12€ for a full day or 20€ if returned by closing on the next day. The All Budapest guide is 14€ or 22€ for the next day return. Partner shop rentals require a credit card or cash deposit of 50€.