Sometimes Budapest feels like a giant playground, such as when you are walking down Akácfa utca and look up to see a towering set of enormous red lips perched on top of a building. This is the aptly named Fogas Ház ("House of Teeth"), a romkocsma ("ruin bar") that's inside a building that once housed a dentist office.  Clustered in the inner seventh district, ruin bars are a phenomenon unique to Budapest. Visiting these quirky, eclectically furnished bars inside crumbling buildings is a fun way to spend an evening or two. Fogas Ház takes the ruin bar concept and adds more cultural activities to the mix. The central covered courtyard, anchored by a grungy bar (cash only), hosts frequent DJs performances and concerts, and the side rooms often have film screenings and art exhibitions; the Ping-Pong and cso-csó (foosball) tables are always busy, too. While you're wandering around with a drink in your hand, you might stumble across a theater group practicing their lines, a literary party, or some other creative endeavor.