Most Budapest neighborhoods have covered food markets, which are where locals go to do most of their daily shopping. The "Little Market" restaurant is located next to one of these markets—the Hold Street Market in the fifth district (just behind Szabadság tér), and this proximity affects everything about it. It's tiny (so reservations are essential to avoid disappointment), and the half-dozen tables, all squeezed in next to the open kitchen, make for a pretty up-close-and-personal dining experience. The menu varies according to what the chef comes back with, but the menu is always meat-heavy, with lots of freshly grilled and roasted meats (as well as fish) from the market. The most fun way to start a meal here is order a variety of creams and dips (served in little jars, which are packed up and sent home with you if you haven't finished). These jars may consist of spiced blue-cheese spread, foie gras pâté, game pâté, or goat cheese dip, served with a basket of bread. Behind the open kitchen you can see several types of meat roasting, which makes it easy to choose your main course by sight. Don't miss out on some  pickled vegetables, straight from the market, which go so well with the big portions of meat. The wine list is brief, but offers a few nice selections from local wineries. With the casual service and open kitchen, a meal here almost feels as if you are dining at somebody's kitchen table.