Any Hungarian will tell you that the soup course forms an integral part of any proper meal here. A few years ago, some young guys took this passion for soup, made it into a successful business, and in the process began a soup trend in Budapest, with dozens of others attempting to imitate their model and their success. Their tiny takeout is on a busy street, not far from the Central Market Hall; you'll recognize it by the line snaking down the block around lunch, and the people milling around drinking soup from paper cups. The selection changes daily, usually with four hot soups and one cold soup on offer. Head elsewhere if you are looking for traditional Hungarian soups like gulyás and halászlé, though—LEVES prefers to make soups with more international flavors (saffron carrot, Burmese chicken, or Moroccan lentil, for instance). There are also light sandwiches and cookies available. The same team has also opened a pasta takeout restaurant nearby, at Kálvin tér 2.