Since 1861, Campania and Italy have had liberal legislation regarding homosexuality. Ischia and Capri have long been gay meccas, and you'll find a somewhat active gay life in Naples. Still, open displays of same-sex affection are sometimes frowned upon in the highly Catholic country (despite the fact that people in Campania are very physical, and men and women alike embrace when saying hello and goodbye).

ARCI Gay ( is the country's leading gay organization, with branches throughout Campania. Naples's section is Circolo Antinoo, Vico San Geronimo 17, Naples (tel. 081-5528815 daily 4.20-8pm). Another major organization is (, which maintains a search engine ( for gay-friendly bars, restaurants, and the like, and a specialized tour operator (

Gay publications include Pride, a free national monthly, available at most gay venues; and Babilonia, which is available at most large newsstands.

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