Millions of tourists who come to County Kerry each year are dependent upon the turn of a bus driver's wheel for their tour of the Iveragh Peninsula -- which means they see nothing save for the famed two-lane road known as the Ring of Kerry. There's certainly plenty to see there, but it's worth mentioning that the 178km (110-mile) road traces only the edges. In total, the peninsula is nearly 1,813 sq. km (700 sq. miles) of wild splendor, which you'll only see if you're able to get off the tourist strip. Admittedly, almost everyone who gets this far feels compelled to "do" the Ring of Kerry, so once it's done, why not take an unplanned turn, get a little lost, and let serendipity lead you to the county's unspoiled heart?

Irish Only -- Parts of Kerry are in the Gaeltacht -- or Irish-language section of the country. In some sections, town names are in Irish only, so we'll include the Irish names as well as the English names for the places likely to be affected.